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Monday, November 19, 2007

Wearing Your Baby in a Moby

When I had my third child I discovered the baby sling. My mother-in-law gave me one and the first week if using it I HATED it! After I finally figured it out I LOVED it and have used it with all my children--until the most recent one. I have now discovered the Moby Wrap and wish I'd had it all along, INSTEAD of the sling. Here us a link to a video demonstrating how to put the Moby on and put the baby in it in the regular hug hold. Lisa, at Joyful Chaos, has a picture tutorial demonstrating the hug hold and the back carry position. Perhaps one of these days I'll make my own video or tutorial to demonstrate how to hold the baby in other positions. A brand new Moby D (designer) costs about $40. If you're a little skilled at sewing you can make your own for less, depending on the fabric you choose. Here are instructions:

Moby Wrap Pattern

5 yards of knit material for a simple wrap or 4 yards of knit and 1 yard of fancy, like Chinese silk or woven cotton cloth for the designer wrap.

Cut the fabric to 30 inches in width. You can taper the outside yard of fabric on both ends if you like. This makes it easier to tie—less bulky—but also gives the wrap a “top” and “bottom”.

If making a simple wrap, just finish the edges as desired. I like to serge all the way around the fabric and then fold it over and sew a straight seam.

If making a designer wrap, cut the four yards in half and sew each piece to the short (30”) ends of the designer fabric with a box seam. You MUST do this to ensure enough strength in the seam to support the weight of the baby. You can reinforce the seam with an additional row of stitching or two down the middle of the box if you like. Then finish off the edges just like with the simple wrap.

If you tapered the ends you may want to put some sort of marker in the middle of the top edge of the wrap to make it a little easier when you’re putting it on.

I hope you'll love your Moby as much as Marian and I do ours!

Happy Parenting!

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